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We use Dermalogica products within Beauty of Bedford.  Dermalogica was created in 1986 with a clear vision: a product line that would improve skin health, available only from qualified skin technicians and with products free from common irritants. All Dermalogica products are researched and developed by the International Dermal Institute; they are free from lanolin, SD Alcohol, mineral oil, artificial colours and fragrances and are never tested on animals.

Essie Polish


Launched in 1981 in America, Essie has won many awards for Best nail Polish including many Readers Choice Awards. Often featured in magazine editorials, we chose Essie because of the great choice of colours and its ease of application.

Shellac by CND

Shellac was the first hybrid gel polish to hit the nail industry and we fell in love immediately! With its name taken from the resin secreted by the female lac bug, Shellac is an ingredient used in many products because of its durability and shine. Shellac certainly revolutionised the nail industry transforming ladies hands and saving them so much time.


Minx really does extend fashion to your fingertips! Minx originated in America, in 2006 by two ladies searching for a way to protect their nails by a solid nail coating. They soon realised that this solid coating could potentially be produced in an infinite array of colours and designs. Minx exploded into the beauty scene in November 2007 when Beyonce wore Golden Lightning Minx on the red carpet of the American Music Awards. Ever since the Minx collection has grown and grown!

Fake Bake

 Fake Bake

Fake Bake originated in the U.S.A. in 1995. Fake Bake was the first self-tan to combine naturally derived tanning agents DHA and Erythulose – guaranteeing longer lasting (up to 50% longer), more natural-looking results. It was catapulted into recognition when the range was voted No.1 self-tanner (tested against 22 other self-tans) in the influential New York Times. It then came to England in 2001 and has been a permanent fixture at Beauty of Bedford since we opened in 2004.

Nouveau Lashes

nouveau lashes

All of our Lash Technicians are Nouveau Lash Professionals.  With training academies all over the UK, their training is very comprehensive and of a very high standard. All the best Lash Technicians are Nouveau Lash trained!

Christian Eyebrows

Christian eyebrows
Perfect eyebrows in three easy steps. This clay-based powder adheres to the skin in a way that conventional powders don’t, providing you with a water resistant eyebrows that last. Using the stencils provided as a guide, you can define and fill in sparse areas in seconds.  Available in 8 different shades, perfection is now achievable. This do-at-home product is a must for anyone who wants more defined brows.